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Our evangelization mission is to support and partner with communities, called throughout the world to inspire them to spread the message of God’s love through the Gospel.  The methodology involves awakening, inspiring, and forming groups of leaders who form new leaders in Catholic Parishes and their diocese.  This training begins with teaching and implementing Mary’s Ministries methodology of evangelization. Mary’s Ministries effort consists of forming lay Catholic Leadership, inspiring youth to vocations, and more importantly seeking commitment to follow a Path to Sanctity, living a Disciplined Life, leading as many souls to desire to work to became saints to lead others into heaven.


Mary’s Ministries recognizes the importance and need for developing leaders, evangelizers, disciples and lay missionaries serving the universal church. 

As noted in “Luvenescit Ecclesia” a letter dated on May 15th 2016 to the Catholic Bishops ordered by Pope Francis “Lay movements ‘are not to be considered optional in the life of the Church,’ but are rather “to be considered as gifts of indispensable importance for the life and mission of the Church,”


Mary’s Ministries 32nd Anniversary


DECEMBER 3rd Our lady of the Americas virtual International celebration 32nd anniversary.

Diciembre 3, celebración internacional virtual de Nuestra Señora de las Americas 32 Aniversario.

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