Mary's Ministries International

International Projects

Partners for identified communities are prepared to replicate and multiply through Mary’s Ministries planning methodology to discern their purpose, align their project to the universal church, strategically plan and implement their project and evaluate the International Projects of Mary’s Ministries International. We provide formation, planning, support, ongoing leadership, financial resources, and consultation in projects. Training is provided to help projects grow, develop and flourish.

Los socios de las comunidades identificadas están preparados para replicar y multiplicar a través de la metodología de planificación de Mary’s Ministries para discernir su propósito, alinear su proyecto con la iglesia universal, planificar e implementar estratégicamente su proyecto y evaluar los Proyectos Internacionales de Mary’s Ministries International. Brindamos formación, planificación, apoyo, liderazgo continuo, recursos financieros y asesoría en proyectos. Se brinda capacitación para ayudar a que los proyectos crezcan, se desarrollen y prosperen.

Ministerios de Maria Ecuador

Ministerios de Maria Sullana

Mary’s Ministries forms new Catholic leaders who have expressed a desire to participate as a partner and participating leader of Mary’s Ministries International Projects of evangelization. Our partners are carefully selected and developed because they identify with Mary’s Ministries International in their zeal to proclaim the Gospel, to the ends of the earth. In this Step the partner commits to participating in Steps One through Seven.

Step Seven "Replicate and Multiply Mary's Ministries International Projects"